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WHO? - You, Candidate Emily, and your neighbors!


WHAT? - A small group event to discuss issues with Emily. Social distance guidelines and mask wearing required!


WHEN? - Choose your preferred time slot. Events start on August 20th. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 10 am or 7 pm.


WHERE? - Your front lawn, driveway or possibly patio. Please consider shade, wind, and ability to social distance when choosing your location and number of neighbors invited. You can provide chairs if you have them or encourage your neighbors to bring their own. Please do not provide refreshments.


WHY? - Local government works best when citizens are involved in the process. Emily wants to hear from you!


HOW? - Simply complete the form below and the program coordinator will contact you. Once confirmed, start inviting your neighbors!

Host a Listening on the Lawn Event!


Emily Gollinger appreciates that you would like to get involved. There are many ways for you to help Emily's campaign for change, and become part of making Rio Vista the best it can be.


Whether volunteering your time or making a monetary donation, your actions make a difference! 

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