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Time for Change



In 2009 the City Council of Rio Vista, after commissioning an external rate study, voted to increase water and sewer rates for all its citizens. 
The city was facing financial crisis. The council identified a quick and easy way to increase revenue to offset the costs of an aging sewer system.

The intentions were good but no one could have foreseen that two enterprise funds would quickly amass millions of tax payer dollars, your dollars. And that those funds would be used as collateral for loans, for projects outside of their scope and to be borrowed against. 

The study the city used to create the new rate structure states multiple times that the plan should be re-visited and re-evaluated after 5 years.  That was over 11 years ago. 

It’s time to roll back water/sewer rates for our citizens. 

I will immediately identify an ad-hoc committee, made of up of rate payers, working with municipal engineers, to develop a strategy to bring down our water/sewer rate over the next 2 years.


How long have you been promised medical services in the City of Rio Vista? 

The lack of permanent medical services is not an issue that only affects our senior population but also taxes the resources of Rio Vista Fire Department and Medic Ambulance. 

Bringing industry leaders to the table, and incentivizing property owners to bring permanent medical facilities to Rio Vista will be the goal of your next City Council and will make its way to the top of the priority list.

I share your concern, that without permanent medical care in our community, we are absolutely not meeting the needs of our citizens. 

It is long past time to bring all the Cities resources to bear to bring permanent medical services to the City of Rio Vista again. 

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The overriding message of all these “Big Ideas” is planning, foresight, ingenuity and collaboration. 


Cities use General Plans to help make development, capital improvement and goal-setting strategies. The General Plan should be the overriding document that facilitates planning and community development goals. 


Rio Vista last prepared a General Plan in 2001.  Over 19 years ago! Before the expansion of the community of Trilogy.  Before the Liberty Development. Before the Business Park development.  Before our population grew from 5,441 to 9,949. 


Our General Plan is severely outdated and no longer relevant. Our community looks different than it did in 2001 and has needs that no one could have anticipated. 


Commissioning a new General Plan will be instrumental in carrying out the future objectives of the City Council of Rio Vista. 



Working families are at the heart of the future of Rio Vista.

Rio Vista is uniquely positioned between major cities, and more young families will be looking to communities like ours to live and raise their children.

In order to attract and keep working families in our community we need address the absence of important resources.

We are a child-care desert.  As of this writing, Rio Vista has only one operational at-home daycare. Not nearly enough for our growing population.

River Delta Unified School District is unable to provide after school programs or summer enrichment programs due to budget constraints.

The city's summer recreational program suffers from lack of volunteers and low enrollment.

I will build and continue relationships with local business, daycare providers and the School District. Provide incentives for future day care facilities. Invest in our School District and their programs, and remove obstacles to creating new opportunities for non-profits.

This will be a collaborative effort between the city, schools and business to develop long lasting solutions for our working families.


City government should be constituent focused.  The citizens should be at the top of the organizational chart and every decision made with you, the citizen, in mind. 

The Mayor is responsible for running the City Council meetings and should be working collaboratively with all city council members, staff and citizens to achieve objectives. 

I promise to be available to citizens, staff and community leaders through office hours, phone, email and social media and I will encourage my fellow council members to do the same.

I will lead a council of action, not reaction, and we will set forth ambitious and achievable goals to move the city forward. 

I will continue to encourage citizens to hold the council accountable when we are not meeting objectives or responding adequately to citizen's concerns, 

Rio Vista is a great place to live, work, retire and play.  Together we can achieve positive changes at city hall and beyond!




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